In order to ensure the safety of endangered mammals and birds, the Australian government heightened its preservation campaign with a funding of $91 million. Included in these strategy is to eliminate 2 million feral cats thought to be responsible for the disturbance in the endangered environment.

Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews showed huge support in the effort by saying that there are already 500 projects across Australia attempting to make concrete steps in protecting native wildlife. According to Commissioner Andrews in an interview with AAP, the elimination of feral cats would yield into saving 1,400 native animals in danger of extinction.

In addition to the elimination of feral cats, Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt said that the program would also include the improving of animal habitats in order to promote animal welfare. The improvements will also be assured to support some of the country’s rarest and highly risky species. "It is our duty to care for them, so our bilbies, numbats, quolls and other unique fauna and flora remain a living part of our culture," Minister Hunt stated in an interview with Shanghai Daily.

The emergency intervention system launched by the government is currently employing 500 programs with the aims of creating safe havens for protected species. In addition to these, the execution of feral cats remains included in the program due to 20 million of them are being responsible for the extinction of 29 native Australian animal species since 1978.